Month: January 2016

Week 14: Signs you’ve found your calling . . .



I came across a great article that spoke volumnes and I wanted to share it with everyone.  It’s titled 10 Signs You’ve Found Your Calling.  I am going to share a couple of them.

You’ll realize you’ve been training for your calling since the moment you were born. 

Even the gritty things, the dissappointments, the regrets, and the screw ups, they were all prepping you for what you’re now being called to do.  You’ll realize that the divorce, the bankruptcy, the death of your loved one, the failure, the rejection – it was just school teaching you the lessons your soul needed to learn in order to be who you’re being called to be.


Mystical things will start happening.

You might be tempted to write them off as coincidences, only they’re too perfect, too exactly what you need in that particular moment, too much like miracles to call them accidents.  The synchronicities will fill you with a sense of wonder, because they’re proof positive that you’re being guided, that you’re not in this alone, that Someone is moving mountains to ensure that your mission is a success.

finding your callingWhen you get off course, you’ll get redirected.

Doors you longed to walk through will slam shut.  If you take the wrong fork in the road, you path will be littered with barbed wire and mustard gas and dragons and sharp knives lining the path.  You will get the hint that you’ve made a wrong turn, steering yourself off course from your date with destiny, when the journey becomes a relentless struggle.  The deal will fall through.  The money will run out.  The mentor who’s been providing the magical gift won’t follow you into the wrong path.  People won’t sign up.  You’ll be rerouted just as magically as you were steered to your calling in the first place.

Magical mentors will appear just in the nick of time.

Just when you need it most, the right people will show up, with just the tools you’ll need to support you and your journey in an almost mystical way.

peace among chaosYou may feel strangely peaceful, even when you have every reason to be anxious.                   

Everyone around you will likely think you’re crazy.  A part of you will agree with them.  But a wise inner knowing, that part of you I call your inner Pilot Light, will be so comforting by the fact that you’re finally on the path to your purpose that you may feel unusally calm – until your rational mind kicks in.

Our souls long to express what we’re here on this earth to express, and when you finally fall into alignment with your calling, your soul does a little happy dance.  It may appear as if evertthing else in your life is falling apart, but you’ll have this sense of peace, a huge relief, that at least – finally – you know what you’re called to do.

Your people will find you.

Few can fulfill a calling alone.  Most of us need a tribe to lift us up as we do brave, scary, world changing things.  But don’t worry.  When you’re really on purpose, your people find you, if only you’re courageous enough to be vulnerable about what you’re being called to do.


Wow!  Can any of you relate to the above?