My Personal Pivotal Needs are Legacy and Helping Others
(I promise) I have an additional $100,000 in cash prior to December 1, 2016.  I earn this money by selling Kangen water machines.  I am ecstatic of this journey, elated to present physical and financial health while assisting others.  My victory assisting others to learn to assist themselves provides me the opportunity to buy a 2 bedroom, 1 bath home at 485 Pine Tree Road in Murphy, NC.  The 2 car garage houses my 5 year old son, Tasker, and I’s musical bliss as we bang on drums, strum on guitars and play our harmonica’s with passion and love.  Joy, laughter and peace are the vibrations of our sanctuary.  Making music, playing together and watching my son grow into his authentic self is euphoric!  We cherish the sense of security, peace and love as we live presently for every moment.  Equally satisfying is co-producing these causes with junior team members of the Kangen water and having them profit equally – $100,000.  This triggers an eminence inside me that is incredible and produces a radiation of energy that is unimaginable as my team members replicate this legacy – copying the examples of sharing profit and automatic masterminds abound.  The sanctuary and partnerships are powerful legacies but are dwarfed by the legacy of greatest significance – Being a living example of controlling thoughts and manifesting dreams.  Giving up: opinions, tv time and unnecessary social media is a catalyst for soaring thoughts.   I have realized my true calling – I am the golden warrior that radiated white light that makes others feel safe, peace and healing.  Giving these things 24-7 prove the more we give the more we get.  My heart burns with a consuming fire of passion and I feel honored to help others through this sacred journey to find their voice of courage that rings with inner personal freedom and peace. 
I always keep my promises  Sarah Anne Tait Jenkins
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